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Excellent Cannabis Seeds in Albuquerque

Aloha Embassy is an innovative cannabis seed provider based in Albuquerque, NM. I service the continental United states and offer a broad selection of USDA 100% organic, non-GMO cannabis seeds.
AlohaEmbassy is proud to offer my signature blend of cannabis seeds, including Aloha Flight 243. This superior blend consists of Blue Hawaiian, Captain’s Connection Pineapple Express, and Girl Scout Glue strains. Each strain is carefully selected to bring out natural flavors and provide a high-performance harvest. These varieties are popular amongst both beginners and experienced growers, seeking a high-quality and reliable yield.

In addition to my cannabis seeds, AlohaEmbassy also offers 3D mapping services. I provide detailed scans of surrounding terrain and can pinpoint ideal locations for planting cannabis seeds.

Are you ready to start planting your small sustainable actions today? Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment. Call me at (505) 414 - 7791 or fill out the booking form on my website. AlohaEmbassy is here to help you cultivate sustainable success through my premium cannabis seeds and 3D mapping services.

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