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Excellent Cannabis Seeds in Albuquerque

Aloha Embassy is an innovative cannabis seed provider based in Albuquerque, NM. I service the continental United states and offer a broad selection of USDA 100% organic, non-GMO cannabis seeds.
AlohaEmbassy is proud to offer my signature blend of cannabis seeds, including Aloha Flight 243. This superior blend ...

Superior Seeds

As a trusted source for superior cannabis seeds, the Aloha Embassy has something for everyone, no matter your growing experience level. My star product—Aloha Flight 243 seeds—combines three of the top cannabis strains into one, with a premium blend of Blue Hawaiian, Captain's Connection Pineapple Express, and ...

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I just made my first purchase with AlohaEmbassy I have been searching for sativa landrace seeds and came upon this site. I had a couple of questions...  Read more
Jun 18, 2024
Don Mady


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